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Über Rettner  
RETTNER Filling and Packaging Service - registered office in Gerolzhofen, Germany - is a service enterprise specialized in the fields of filling and packaging products of the chemo-technical and cosmetics industries.
From the barrel into the tube

How does the lubricant get into the tube or the cream into the jar?
A decisive factor before putting a product on the market for sale is to determine the most suitable type of wrapping or packing. This calls for specialized know-how and high quality standards. The producer, whose attention is mainly focused on the manufacture and sale of his products, generally leaves the filling and packaging work to an outhouse service company - a company such as RETTNER which offers the technical expertise required for the job.

Cooperation Options

Producers wishing to farm out work to RETTNER have many cooperation options at their choice. These extend from straight contract filling and packaging through to full-service contracts which cover purchasing, material administration, storage and logistics as well as product delivery according to the customers’ requirements. RETTNER`S specialist personnel is available round-the-clock for detailed information and general advice in tackling innovative packaging solutions

Reliable Schedules

Customers can rely on RETTNER to stick to a promised date. Our company is sized for flexibility and swift handling practice.